Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance
A Safe Haven: Homeowners Insurance Protects What You Love

Buying a home is one of the most substantial investments you and your family can make. If you have a mortgage, you are likely required to maintain homeowners insurance. If you own your home outright, this type of insurance is still a must-have if you want to protect your investment. Bryant & Associates serves communities in Washington and Oregon, including Vancouver, Long View, White Salmon, Portland and The Dalles. The beautiful, lush environment we enjoy in this beautiful part of the country brings with it fast-changing weather patterns, high levels of rain and risk of natural disaster. Our certified insurance agents have worked here more than 40 years, and we know what unique risks you face as a homeowner. Contact Bryant & Associates for a complimentary quote on homeowners insurance for your home today.

Protecting Your Home When Disaster Strikes

With homeowners insurance, the premiums you pay help ensure you are covered when the unexpected happens. Most standard homeowners insurance will pay in part or in full to repair, replace or rebuild damage to your home and the items within it due to:

  • Theft
  • Fire or Wildfire
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Hail

Homeowners insurance can also cover costs that come up as you recover after a loss – such as living expenses if you have to move out while your home is repaired.

To ensure that your homeowners insurance policy will meet your needs when it matters, we must make a detailed account of your home and property. In addition to appraising your home, you will need to create an inventory of the items in your home and their worth. You will need to itemize electronics, furniture and other items of tangible financial value in your home. It is also important to keep in mind that we can protect items of sentimental value..

Liability Insurance Protects Your Family

A second, important aspect of homeowners insurance is liability insurance. Liability insurance covers you and your family when you are responsible for damage caused to another person or their property. This means that replacement of property or medical expenses for the other party are covered at least in part, as are your legal defense should you be served with a lawsuit.  Liability insurance typically covers incidents that occur on your property, but they may extend to incidents that involve your family off-site, as well. The specifics of liability insurance vary from plan to plan, which the certified agents at Bryant & Associates will help you understand. 

Assisting with Additional Coverage

There are a great deal of myths surrounding homeowners insurance that you should note. You should note that, even with the great fluctuations in weather we experience, many natural disasters remain uncovered by a basic homeowners policy in Vancouver, Long View, White Salmon, Portland or The Dalles. Most policies do not cover loss due to:

  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Landslide

When you work with an experienced insurance agent, however, we can ensure you secure any loopholes in coverage. We can assist you in finding insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program and help you find earthquake insurance and landslide insurance if it makes sense for the location of your home.

Effective Coverage at an Affordable Price

We shop the trusted insurance companies in Oregon and Washington to find you the best policy price. We are here to help you get started with a policy. More importantly, we will be there to adjust your policy as your family grows and changes, to help with claims and to answer your calls. If you live in Vancouver, Long View, White Salmon, Portland or The Dalles, contact us today. We can work within your budget to find a homeowners insurance policy that protects your home and your family.

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