Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary Benefits

Ensuring Your Employees Have Comprehensive Coverage

Ancillary benefits serve as a secondary type of health insurance that fill the gaps left by group health or limited benefits packages. Many companies in the Portland metro area offer this additional insurance option so their employees can have additional financial protection if they choose.

At Bryant & Associates independent insurance agents, we can help you explore ancillary benefit options that extend coverage beyond traditional health insurance policies. Ancillary benefits can provide extra coverage for hospital stays and other expenses during an emergency as well as coverage for some non-emergency healthcare costs like dental or vision coverage. Ancillary benefits and can help your employees and contribute to an attractive benefits plan for future candidates for employment. We have served the people of Vancouver, Longview, White Salmon, Portland and The Dalles for more than 40 years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment about bringing on ancillary benefits for your employees today.

Types of Ancillary Benefit Coverage

Common types of ancillary benefits include dental and vision insurance, long-term care coverage and disability insurance.

Dental Insurance

Dental care is an essential element in any healthful life. When you and your employees take care of your teeth, you can help prevent a number of serious and costly health complications in the future. Dental insurance policies are not typically included in health insurance plans, but are rather considered ancillary benefits. We can help find a dental insurance option for your employees to promote great dental hygiene. Dental insurance helps mitigate the cost of cleanings and can save patients hundreds or thousands of dollars when they require more extensive dental work.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is another ancillary benefit that, like dental insurance, is important for long-term health. It is even less expensive than dental insurance in terms of a premium. Vision insurance helps cover the cost of eye checkups and the cost of glasses or contacts should your employees require them. This easy add-on type of insurance usually only is used once every few years. However, your employees’ small monthly investment could save them money long time.

Long-term Care Coverage

Should an employee become injured or otherwise come to need long-term, consistent care, a long-term care policy can help. This type of policy can help employees receive the care they physical care they require should they become disabled or incapacitated, without the huge financial burden that comes with constant care.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

This type of insurance pays out a set amount should an employee loose one or more limbs or die unexpectedly while employed at your company.

Disability Income Insurance

Disability insurance protects your employees’ income should they become injured for a short or long term. Disability insurance helps employees continue to receive income in the event they become unable to work or are hindered from fully performing their job tasks.

Giving Your Employees Options to Thrive

You may choose to help pay for your employees’ ancillary benefits or they may pay for their benefits on their own. We can help you explore different ancillary benefits to ensure that your group health insurance is working for your business’ size and for your employees’ needs.

We can help you find a combination of insurance policies that works for you, your family and your employees without breaking the bank. At Bryant & Associates, we care about the people in Vancouver, Longview, White Salmon, Portland and The Dalles. Click Here to schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about your options when it comes to ancillary benefits.