Health Insurance

Live Healthy and Thrive with Health Insurance

In recent years, some substantial changes have taken place in health insurance and healthcare legislation and health care plans. At Bryant & Associates insurance agency, we have more than 40 years of experience in the health insurance industry. We work with top medical insurance companies in Oregon and Washington so that we can provide a wide range of policies to meet each client’s need. If you or your family is in need of health insurance, we can help. Our certified agents have helped hundreds of clients in Vancouver, Longview, White Salmon, Portland and The Dalles choose coverage. We can efficiently explore different plans available to you and help you select one with the right premium, deductible and options you desire. Contact Bryant & Associates today for a confidential, free health insurance, medical insurance quote.

Choosing the Right Plan

Although the Affordable Healthcare Act reformed the healthcare industry with the intention to help uninsured and underinsured Americans find affordable healthcare. Facilitated through the website, health insurance policies and medical insurance and health care plans are offered through health insurance companies with some regulated oversight from the federal government.

At Bryant & Associates insurance agency, we help clients enroll through the Health Insurance Marketplace on (in Oregon) and through the Washington Health Plan Finder (in Washington). Our agents have worked closely with these sites since they were first created, and we can help you navigate among different options for your family.

If you choose to enroll in health coverage outside of the Affordable Care Act marketplace, we can help with that as well. Keep in mind that these plans still follow basic regulations set forth by the ACA, including an open enrollment period. Unless you meet certain exceptions, you will need to enroll during this period, which takes place in the months before and after each New Year.

Types of Health Insurance Coverage

There are a number of general health insurance and medical insurance and health coverage options and health care plans available to you, including:

  • Preferred Provider Organizations – This type of plan encourages you to visit providers within a certain network with a lower fee. It also allows you the freedom to visit other providers at a higher cost if you choose.
  • Exclusive Provider Organizations – An EPO only covers providers within your specific network – except sometimes in the case of an emergency. Visits to providers outside of this network are fully out of pocket.
  • Health Maintenance Organizations – Another common plan, an HMO usually limits your coverage to certain providers in contract with your HMO. This type of plan greatly emphasizes prevention.
  • Point of Service Plans – A POS plan also costs less when you use providers in your network and may require that you see your primary care doctor before it will pay claims for visits to any specialists or other providers.

Medicare Options

If you are nearly 65 or older, have a disability or have been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), we can also help you enroll in Medicare. In addition to Original Medicare (Medicare Types A and B), you may also want to explore Medicare Advantage Plans or adding a Medicare Supplement plan to your current coverage. Choosing the right type of Medicare up front is important, as you may not be able to change your plan once it is selected.

Levels of Health Insurance

Once you have selected what type of health insurance works best for your budget and for your preferences in healthcare providers, you will need to select a level. Plans come in bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages. You pay more out-of-pocket for care with a bronze plan, but have a lower premium. Conversely, a platinum plan has a higher premium, but with it your insurance company will pay 90% of your healthcare costs. 

Choosing Your Health Insurance Wisely

Your health is essential to your family’s success and happiness. When you choose to work with the agents at Bryant & Associates insurance agency, we can design a plan that keeps you thriving. If you are located in Vancouver, Longview, White Salmon, Portland or The Dalles, click to Contact Us Today to begin exploring your policy options today.