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Auto Insurance Made Stress Free

Auto insurance is one of the most accessible types if insurance available today. Within minutes, you can call or click to receive a quote from a number of national, well-advertised companies. Ensuring you receive the best deal for your needs at the best price, however, can be a much more time-involved process. At Bryant & Associates, we listen to your needs and your budget to find a plan that keeps you safely insured both physically and financially. We also provide much-needed support and guidance when the unexpected happens and you need to file a claim. Our certified agents have more than 75 years of combined experience with auto insurance in Vancouver, Longview, White Salmon, Portland, and The Dalles. Contact Bryant & Associates today to discuss your family’s auto insurance needs and receive a quote.

Auto Insurance: A Must for Any Driver

Having an auto insurance policy in the United States is not voluntary – it’s required. If you are caught driving without insurance, you could face serious fines and may be required to carry special insurance in order to drive again. In the most serious cases, you could even have your license revoked or your car impounded. Driving uninsured is simply not worth the risk, especially when a skilled insurance agent at Bryant & Associates can find you a very affordable policy.

Choosing a Type of Auto Insurance for You

There are two main types of auto insurance: liability and full coverage. For both types, you will pay a premium for coverage and you or other parties in your accident are given a claim up to a certain coverage limit. Your coverage limit is an important aspect in choosing auto insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is so named because it is primarily designed to cover the costs of other parties and their vehicles should you cause an accident. Liability insurance is designed to help relieve you from financial liability for injuring someone in an accident or damaging his or her vehicle.

Liability insurance policies are substantially less expensive than full coverage insurance in most cases. This is because it does not protect your vehicle or your body in an accident. These types of policies are a good option to consider if you have an older car or a car that may not be financially worth the cost of full-coverage insurance. If you choose liability insurance, however, it is wise to ensure that you will be covered through personal injury insurance or through your health insurance. If you do not have a backup plan for injury or severe auto damage to yourself after an accident for which you are at fault, you could be left without a vehicle and facing severe medical bills.

Full Coverage Insurance

Full coverage insurance policies provide coverage for other parties in an accident for which you are at fault and provide coverage for your medical expenses and vehicular damage. Full coverage insurance pays for part or all of your automobile’s repairs and medical bills, depending on how high your coverage limit has been set. 

Full coverage auto insurance policies are more costly than liability policies when it comes to your regular premiums. With both liability and full coverage insurance policies, you can adjust your premiums (monthly payments) and deductibles (the maximum amount you pay following an accident before insurance claims are paid out). Our certified agents can help you understand these and other specifics within your policy options.

Other Factors that Influence Your Auto Insurance Quote

Your monthly premium for insurance is affected not only by which type of insurance you choose, but also upon your lifestyle and driving record. Your driving record; make, model and age of your car; any lapses in insurance coverage in the past; and other factors contribute to what you will pay each month versus someone else.

Whether you are looking for auto insurance for the first time, looking to compare prices on alternative plans with your current plan, or you need help finding insurance following an incident, we can help. Contact the certified agents at Bryant & Associates, serving Vancouver, Longview, White Salmon, Portland, and The Dalles. We look forward to finding the perfect policy for you.

Auto Insurance Car Insurance Vehicle Insurance what ever you call it we can help you find it. Contact Bryant & Associates Insurance Agency today to discuss your family’s auto insurance needs and receive a quote.